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"If you want to write screenplays for a living, there is nothing more valuable for a writer than being able to produce a quality screenplay quickly.  We created this course to give you all the tools you need to accomplish exactly that.  This system is laid out in a way that we hope writers of all experience levels will find easy to use.  Our promise is simple: follow this system and in 10 days, you'll have a powerful script finished!"
- Travis Donnelly, writer, Medium and Hawaii Five-O
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Stop wasting so much time and energy trying to write your next screenplay.   

"The Screenwriting Course That Shows You
How to Write Your Screenplay in Just 10 Days!"

Dear Screenwriter,

Imagine if just 10 days from now, you had written a feature-length screenplay and were on your way to launching your career as a screenwriter.  

Think about that.  In just 10 days, you could take your idea for a movie and turn it into a completed screenplay you're proud to share with the world.  

Sound too good to be true?  Believe me, it CAN be a reality if you follow our 10-Day Screenplay program.

I can already hear what you may be asking: “Can I REALLY write a quality screenplay in just 10 days?  After all, some instructors I know say it takes months or even years to write a great movie.”

Allow me to first offer a short and sweet answer to your question: Yes, you can and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.  

Simply follow this program and in 10 days, you’ll have written a finished script that could launch your screenwriting career!

The Story Behind Some of the 
Greatest Screenplays Ever Written

The idea that writing a screenplay takes 6-12 months to complete is just preposterous. In fact, some of the most successful screenplays ever written were completed in just a few days.

Screenwriter Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone was living in utter poverty when he saw an unknown boxer last nearly 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali. The idea for Rocky was born. Stallone wrote the script in just three days and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood history as the movie became one of the most successful of all time and made Stallone an international superstar.

Kevin Williamson and a friend were reminiscing one night about popular 1980s horror movies. The conversation spawned the idea for what would become the opening scene in Scream with a stalker quizzing his victims on horror movies of the past. Williamson wrote Scream in just four days.  The script created a hot bidding war and made Williamson one of the highest-paid screenwriters in Hollywood.  

Screenwriter Joe EszterhasAnd then there’s Joe Eszterhas. He came up with the idea of a beautiful crime novelist becoming the suspect in the case of her boyfriend’s murder.  Eszterhas sat down, with no clue how the story would end, and wrote Basic Instinct in just 10 days.  When he was finished, he shipped the script to his agent and sold it three days later for $3 million.  That means Eszterhas went from having a simple idea to having $3 million in the bank in just 13 days!

John Hughes, one of the most successful screenwriters ever, loved to write fast. He wrote National Lampoon's Vacation in seven days, Ferris Bueller's Day Off in four days, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in three days, and The Breakfast Club in just two days. 

These legendary Hollywood stories may not be the norm, but they do showcase the tremendous results some screenwriters have had with screenplays written at a fast pace.

The next question I so often hear is, “Why should I write a movie in just 10 days?"  This is a logical query.  After all, just because something can be done faster doesn’t always mean it should be done faster.


SCREENWRITING FACT NO. 1:  Spending TOO MUCH time on a script is actually one of the worst mistakes a screenwriter can make!  It leads to boring, dull, and unoriginal scripts.  

Screenwriter Scott RosenbergScott Rosenberg, the hugely successful writer of Con Air, High Fidelity, Beautiful Girls, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, and many other top-selling screenplays, has often pointed out the necessity of being able to write quickly.  

"I have friends who take six to eight months to write a script, and I think it's stupid," Rosenberg said.  "You're talking about 120 pages with a lot of white in them.  How can it take you six months to write that?  It should be vomited out as fast as you can manage to get it out." 

The danger with taking too long to write a script is that writers often second-guess and tweak every little scene, idea, character, and line until the screenplay loses all spontaneity and heart.  The result is that these screenplays read like 99% of all the other screenplays out there - which certainly won't get your script noticed or sold!

The bottom line is this: not only can it be annoying and demoralizing to hit a dead end after working on a script for months on end, but allowing yourself to spend too much time on a script actually makes your script worse, not better.

It's Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Writing!

The 10-Day ScreenplayThe 10-Day Screenplay system is like nothing you've seen before.  Unlike the expensive seminars and college courses taught by people who have never written or sold a script, The 10-Day Screenplay is based on the techniques used by some of the most successful screenwriters in Hollywood.  

In fact, this course was created by two people who ACTUALLY write for a living.  

I've been earning my living as a writer for the past 13 years.  My brother and the co-creator of this course, Travis Donnelly, is a successful screenwriter who has written for hit shows on major networks like NBC and CBS.  He's also sold his own original scripts to major studios like Sony.  

We know what it takes to launch a writing career and we created this course for those who want to do it with screenplays. 

The 10-Day Screenplay is designed to take you from initial idea to completed screenplay in 10 days flat!

How does it work?  

STEP 1: The 10-Day Screenplay system evaluates your initial idea with the five requirements of every great movie idea. Is your idea unique?  Is it big enough?  Will it make for a compelling two-hour movie?  What can be done to make your idea bigger and better?

STEP 2:  The 10-Day Screenplay system forces you to flesh out your characters.  Contrary to anything you may have heard, great characters make great movies.  You need to really know your characters and let THEM dictate your plot, NOT the other way around!  Amateur screenwriters come up with a plot and then plug in forced characters to play it out.  This is a huge mistake and you'll never succeed this way!

STEP 3:  Once you have your idea and your characters, it's time to write your script following The 10-Day Screenplay course.  Each day of the course includes an important lesson on what your story objective should be for that day along with a manageable writing assignment.  If you simply follow this course, at the end of the 10 days, you will have a finished script!

The daily story objectives presented in this course will make sure your movie is exciting for two whole hours.  You don't want a situation where your movie becomes boring or clichéd halfway through.  You've got to keep the conflict rising and the action spontaneous.  After all, the greatest characters in the world won't be enjoyable to watch if they aren't doing interesting things and changing in an important way.  To make sure that your script is loaded with compelling drama throughout, The 10-Day Screenplay system walks you through the nine dramatic chapters of every great movie.


SCREENWRITING FACT NO. 2: Every great movie follows THE NINE ESSENTIAL CHAPTERS OF DRAMA.  If you don't know what these nine sequential chapters are, you are at a tremendous disadvantage as a screenwriter.


  • No more questioning whether your idea is worthwhile.
  • No more getting stuck halfway through your script.
  • No more writing flat, boring characters.
  • No more agonizing over "what should happen next."
  • No more plot problems...EVER!
  • No more wondering if your movie is "missing something key."
  • And no more monotonous scripts that read like every other passed over screenplay out there.

The 10-Day Screenplay system not only takes you from idea to finished screenplay in just 10 days, but it walks you through the step-by-step process of making sure you complete a QUALITY script that can impress your readers!

Success Stories From All Over The World:
(Individual results may vary.)

“Over the past two years I’ve toiled over four different screenplay ideas, but I kept hitting a wall around page 20.  After trying numerous systems I decided to shelf my skepticism and give The 10-Day Screenplay system a try.  Twelve days after downloading The 10-Day Screenplay system I’m delighted to say that I have not only printed off my first completed screenplay, but I’m well on my way with my second screenplay.  At this point, I am on pace to have all four of my screenplay ideas completed by the end of next month and it’s all thanks to the wonderful system you’ve created.  Once again, thank you for creating The 10-Day Screenplay system.  It was just what I needed to get over the hump!”
- A.R. Sanfilippo - North Bloomfield, Ohio 

I found your course excellent and I wrote my script in just two weeks!  I’m already starting on a second script with your course!”
- Denny Hausker  

“I recently bought The 10-Day Screenplay system and though it took me a little longer than 10 days (I've got two very little kids) to finish my script, I am now getting an awesome response from my screenplay. Your book inspired me and I followed the outline, people are loving what I wrote!  Thanks heaps!”
- Paul Kelman - Newcastle, Australia

“Just wanted to thank you for your great product!  I followed your course and I got a first draft finished in 10 days. This is not my first screenplay, but it's the first screenplay I've written without first doing a whole load of planning, messing about with cards, writing long character bios, outlines, etc, etc. Your method is A LOT MORE FUN, suits my temperament (I hate planning anything) and even though the draft I wrote in 10 days is not the final draft, I don't feel my usual sense of dread about doing a rewrite. Thanks a lot!”
- Robin Gott - Malmoe, Sweden 

“I found The 10 Day Screenplay an excellent reference!  It allowed me to complete a romantic drama faster than I ever thought possible!
- Patricia McGovern - Sydney, Australia 

“Your 10-Day Screenplay program helped me out so much!  Not only did it show me what I was doing wrong, but it also got me off my butt and made me write the damn thing!  I finished my script just like the course said I would. Thank you for your help!”
- Marquese Clack - San Antonio, TX 


Everything You Need to Immediately 
Start Writing Your Screenplay is Here!

You won't believe how simple this 10-day step-by-step system is until you try it.  Inside, you'll discover...

The mistake most wannabe screenwriters make just prior to starting their scripts.  Once you know what this mistake is, you'll be kicking yourself as you look back at all the time you've wasted making this mistake time and time again!
The 22 key questions that must be answered to ensure you have a compelling cast of characters.  Without answering these questions, you run the risk of having dull characters no matter how hard you try to make them come alive.  Screenplays simply die without strong characters.
The Nine Essential Sequences of Every Great Movie, which MUST be included in your movie!  If you take nothing else away from The 10-Day Screenplay course, please make sure you learn this crucial method.
See how each of the nine sequences must include very specific goals and objectives to occur.  Once you understand these goals and objectives, you'll free yourself up as a writer and allow your story to play out from your heart.  This is one of the biggest differences between The 10-Day Screenplay and the dozens of rigid, write-by-numbers screenwriting programs you see. 
In the UPDATED & EXPANDED EDITION of The 10-Day Screenplay, you'll see firsthand how these nine sequences are broken down in 10 different mega-successful movies from 10 different genres:
. Braveheart imp.jpg Home alone.jpg My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie poster.jpg There's Something About Mary POSTER.jpg
. BridesmaidsPoster.jpg Film poster showing Woody anxiously holding onto Buzz Lightyear as he flies in Andy's room. Below them sitting on a bed are various smiling toys watching the pair, including Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and Rex. In the lower right center of the image is the film's title. The background shows the cloud wallpaper featured in the bedroom. The poster shows a teenage boy coming out from a nearly invisible DeLorean with lines of fire trailing behind. The boy looks astonishingly at his wristwatch. The title of the film and the tagline "He was never in time for his classes... He wasn't in time for his dinner... Then one day... he wasn't in his time at all" appear at the extreme left of the poster, while the rating and the production credits appear at the bottom of the poster. Die hard.jpg
The five crucial questions about your movie's main idea that absolutely MUST be answered.  This surefire idea evaluation method will ensure that your central concept has what it takes to be a great movie.
Way too many scripts fizzle out about halfway through.  Find out the three most reliable "Midpoint" techniques for increasing excitement and making sure your script blasts through expectations halfway into your movie.
The two simple methods for making sure you have a brilliant ending to your screenplay.  Way too many amateur scripts fail to deliver on endings.  These two techniques will ensure that your ending blows readers away!  
The five most successful ways to grab the reader's attention in the first 10 pages of your screenplay.  You will find that most readers trash a script just 10 pages into it if it hasn't grabbed their attention.  These five techniques are are used often by professional writers as a way to ensure that they grab the audience's attention!
The three "Internal Conflict" models that will make your story connect with readers on an emotionally satisfying level.  Knowing these three elements will often be the single biggest factor in determining whether or not your screenplay stands out from all the other scripts written each year and connects with an audience on a deep level.   
You'll also learn how to effectively use some of the common writing techniques used by Hollywood's top pros, such as adding ticking clocks, foreshadowing future events, and taking antagonists to the next level.
The new edition of The 10-Day Screenplay also includes essential advice on how to launch your screenwriting career after the script is finished
And much, MUCH more!
As you can see, this isn't your typical screenwriting resource.  

Most writing books and courses are created from an after-the-fact analytical viewpoint.  That's all fine and helpful if your only interest is in analyzing past works.  Instead, The 10-Day Screenplay system was created for an actual writer who wants to sit down and write a great movie RIGHT NOW!  


SCREENWRITING FACT NO. 3:  There's NO reason to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars on a three-month course or two-day seminar to learn how to write great screenplays!

The 10-Day Screenplay book is available right now on It is available as a downloadable ebook for your Kindle or you buy the hard copy version of the book, whichever you prefer.

Order the Book Here:

The 10 Day Screenplay


To Your Success,
Darrin Donnelly
Co-Author of The 10-Day Screenplay





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